There has been a growing demand and interest in local, sustainable farming and organic produce. However, most of us are still unfamiliar with where our produce comes from, and the people who grow our food. This project aims to facilitate dialogue between San Diegans and the passionate, dedicated people working in local farms and community gardens who are making a difference in our communities.


Marilu Guzman, Suzie’s Farm

“My name is Marilu Guzman and I have been working at Suzie’s Farms for about 10 years now. I am originally from Mexico.  My job at Suzie’s Farms is to take care of the CSA boxes. And I also take orders from the restaurants. My parents used to work in the field. We used to live very close to Suzie’s Farm so one day we all decided to come here and look for work, and we found it. I really like working here because they have given me many opportunities that I did not have before joining them. Besides working inside the warehouse, I am also learning new things about some of the products that Suzie’s Farms sell. At Suzie’s Farms they are very helpful and good at explaining tasks that you are unfamiliar with. I love the working environment at  Suzie’s Farm!


“My favorite part is that they let us take vegetables home. All of the vegetables are seasonal so I like the challenge of getting a variety of vegetables that I don’t always know how to cook and learning how to cook them. For example kale, I had never seen kale before. I simply boiled the bunch, seasoned it with pepper, let it cool down and served it as cold salad. That’s all I did.”


“I have one child, a girl. She is only six months, so I cook for me and my husband. My husband didn’t really like vegetables at first, but now that I work here my husband has developed a taste for some of the vegetables. Although he has seen pumpkins before, he had never tasted them.”


“He particularly likes the fresh herbs such as oregano, thyme, and sage. Now when he cooks he likes to put some herbs in the food. I’m really happy to be able to work at a local farm in San Diego.”


One Response to “Kale is My Favorite Vegetable”

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