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Owen Salerno, Suzie’s Farm

Hi, my name is Owen Salerno. I’ve been working at Suzie’s Farm for two years. I’m originally from Pennsylvania. Prior to working at Suzie’s Farm I actually worked in radio here in San Diego for about seven years. With the change of the economy around 2010, I was out of work and looking for something to do.

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I came down to the farm and took a tour with my girlfriend and absolutely fell in love with the farm itself which is what led me to want to work here. About a month or so after that I started working at the farmer’s markets for Suzie’s and doing farm tours and have grown here with the farm since then. Now I handle marketing and communications among a handful of other administrative tasks. I have no farming experience, but I do come from a very food focused family background. In an Italian family, food was always super important to us.